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Monday, November 14, 2005

pickled the LAST one @ theAttic. this thursday

Due to the venue's eventual uncommited stance of our night and internal manager communication problems, it's the LAST EVER pickled at theAttic. It's a real shame as we were welcomed back with open arms and this will only be our 3rd night at our original home. Nevertheless, we at pickledHQ want to go out with a bang and really make them regret giving us the boot.

So, show up in your masses and lets DESTROY THE JOINT!

For this final shindig we have H0ffman, Model101 and ollspin, from the massive Influenza night, alongside regulars deviant g and Kobi Shinobi tearing the joint apart.

Cheap entry if you email us -

Expect the mixsets eventually, sorry, and some xmas promo mixes from your residents. This isn't the end of pickled, just a set back.

See you thursday!

deviant & crew xXx

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

pickled | thurs17nov sept 2005 @ theAttic, lincoln

Woo, you know what? It will have been a year since deviant started this little noise mission. And have we a treat for you this time.

Up this month we have a bit of an invasion from the southwest's biggest breaks night Influenza. Coming up all the way from Southampton special like we have the men like: H0ffman, M0del101 and Influenza CEO ollspin. H0ffman had massive recent success with his double A-side on Unstable label, the simply dancefloor destroying Everybody and the equally wicked Cum With Me. Backing him up is his regular DJ partner the one n only M0del 101, and we can tell you his tunes are on the verge on dropping big.

To add to that we present ollspin, the main man behind Influenza and the brains behind the award nominated community site, out of the void. Expect some basslines of serious damage with this lot. Word is they are bringing a lot of laptops with them :D

Supporting them and providing the pickled support we have on warmup, Kobi Shinobi, this boy has recently become joint partner in pickled and looks set to make good impressions.

And not forgetting deviant g, as usual he'll be spinning his brand of basslines and breakbeats, barely winging his way through his hour.

Usual pickled bizznizz, £3 entry or £2 with NUS or guestlist. We're open from 8-1am. 8a Park St Lincoln. email us for any thing really, even a nice chat.

pickled | october report

Apologies its a bit late, uni etc. Turned out alright. Apart from some problems not directly related to pickled, but there were some issues surrounding the night.

DJs disconnecting VJ equipment cause they were that wankered. Immense amounts of broken glass; promoters falling out with DJs; shop managers pole dancing; DJs falling asleep.

Everything is fine in pickled land now thou folks. DJs have been disciplined ;)

Few early problems with the venue having NO change for our door, a mere £120 for them, both floors on a thurs night? Issues with the monitor PA, only one projector.

Still turned out alright musically! Andy MC did a wonderfully tight and gay job of taking the warmup set and goin up a level. Nice remix there boyo. Where's deviant's CDR then? eh!

Ed Russell and the lovely Amy showed up in good time and he played a right blinder of a set. deviant g followed him at 11 with a heavier set, didn't go too bad, what with the monitor cutting out and supplying the music to most of the club, [their system is a tad fucked after 4months of open decks nights] and then finally John Grief finished off the night in proper grief style. :D Superb business.

The night was recorded as last months and we will endeavor to get you the sets but with uni getting the way it is its hard guys! Bear with us thou yea.

We started pickled on the 4th november last yr. So despite the summer away, its kinda our 1st birthday next month. WOO.

upcoming gigs for our DJs include:

deviant g

27/10 // Resident, the.Attic, 8-11 // electro glitz & breaks,
03/11 // Resident, the.Attic, 8-12 // breaks/electro/dnb/psy/techno
12/11 // Formula, duke of Welly, // (co-headlining) its in mixmag
17/11 // Pickled, the.Attic
15/12 // Pickled, the.Attic

Kobi Shinobi

17/11 // Pickled, the.Attic

Andy Mcallister

06/11 // U-Muve Boat Party, derby
11/11 // Freerange, Bar Vida, derby
19/11 // U-Muve, Moods, derby

Ed Russell

21/11 // Autumn, Medicine Bar, birmingham
alternative weds 9-11pm // MBN Records on NSB radio

John Grief

15/12 // Pickled, the.Attic
sat 12-2am // Butane pick n mix on NSB radio

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

deviant g | presents: deviant g - S.T.A.C.E.Y.

Stereo Tracks Arranged Co-Cordingley to Excite You



01. Run Jeremy - Windowlicker (X-Rated Lick) [White]
02. Rob Dougan - Furious Angels (Themroc Mix) [Cheeky Records]
03. Ladytron - Evil (Ewan Peason Rmx) [Telstar]
04. Felix Da Housecat - Watching Cars Go By (Instrumental Version) [EmperorNorton]
05. Mylo - Drop The Pressure (Felix Da Housecat Rmx) [breastfed]
06. Audio Bullys - Shot You Down [Virgin]
07. Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix) [Epic]
08. New Order - The Beach [Factory Records]
09. UNKLE feat. Ian Brown - Reign (Evil 9 Rmx) [GlobalUnderground]
10. Infusion - Love & Imitation [Polaroid Recordings]
11. Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo 8 Rmx) [Loopz]
12. BT - Hip Hop Phenomenom [Headspace Recordings]
13. Dopamine - Zoit [TCR]
14. Poxy Music - Our Break [Hussle & Bussle Recordings]
15. The Breakfastaz - Green Light [Mob]
16. Pendulum Feat. Freestylers - Fasten Your Seatbelt [Breakbeat Kaos]
17. He'll Keep Calling Me

Recorded 18-19 September 2005 | Hiya Ferris

Ok. Ok so its not strictly breaks. He's working on that one. It was made as a welcome home for his girlfriend after she buggered off to france for 10days. Its all her fave tunes of the moment, so he's aware it's a little commercial for some peoples tastes.

download here 85MB

Enjoy. Feel free to email your comments back to us at pickled

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

pickled | thurs20oct sept 2005 @ theAttic, lincoln

Are you ready for the next pickled? We've got a big task ahead of us following the immense one last month. Here's to it

This month we have twice label boss Ed Russell. He'll be venturing out of Brum to showcase his tech breaks style to us lot. His labels, MBN and Naked Electric are well respected within the breaks community releasing quality tune after quality tune.

Back for his 3rd gig with us is the lanky scottish funkboy, Andy McAllister. This boy is doing rather well, running Bar Vida's Ground Level Breaks and U-Muve's resident breaks DJ from his town of Derby. He also plays at the massive Spectrum (Nottingham).

John Grief finished off everyone when he last played pickled. He was the final DJ of the huge event we put on, on the May Bank holiday. Playing a superb old skool hardcore jungle set that went down in legend. This time, he'll be playing his choice of nuskool and bassline breaks.

As per usual, deviant g will be slamming down his own style of tech/heavy funk breaks n bass, with hopefully some productions of his own being dropped.

On warmup we have Benny Boy b2b with Kobi Shinobi. Kobi couldn't make the last gig so Benny filled in. This time, both are up for an electro tech breaks warmup.

You'll notice that this time we're having to charge, but its sod all really. £2 on the door or £1 n.u.s./guestlist. To join the guestlist just email us

Friday, September 23, 2005

pickled | returned in style

WOW. Was that a blinder or what? Due to some technical problems we started 20mins later than planned. Benny Boy filled in at the last minute for Kobi Shinobi and went on to give a great tech/electro/breaks set. We had some 30 odd people kicking around by half 8!

Next up was the first of their b2b gigs: deviant g & Casual Breakin'dropping some right funky numbers including some classic Josh Wink all plumped up ;) They worked hard in adding to the evening. Following them up to the decks, we welcomed Kickflip, it's was his first time with us, but after his electric performance he's been add to our regular roster. He dropped some superb funk monsters all touched with a slight tech feel. Then he started getting into his scratching, at which point, he definately had the buildings attention. You bloody showoff!!!

Back for their final set was deviant g with the Casual Breakin'. Their task was to beef up the basslines in prep for the final DJ. deviant was doing his best but Casual was determined to keep the funk flowing. They kept everyone on the dance floor thou and the vibe of the night was just getting better.

At midnite, pickled welcomed back the bassline terrorist that is Jo Stokes. No stranger to the crowd of pickled, she dropped a trademark bassline special show. With a few of her n her partner's tweaked tunes ;) Pickled always seem to make the system in that place louder than it should be.

Then it got silly. Kickflip came back on towards the end of Jo's set to add some scratch stylings. :D It got to 1am. People were still stirring, Kickflip was warmed up so deviant brought out some tunes... oh dear. they started well, Mr Psik's rmx's of Jacko's beat it, but this was followed by Addam's Family and some Queen

Massive massive thanks to all of you lot who showed up. Massive shouts to Bobby, Ben, John, Stacey, Matt, Justin, Jo, Jim, John, Adam and everyone else who helped make it a fecking mental evening.

The entire event bar the Kickflip/deviant wrongness was recorded. As soon as deviant's PC is back up n running he'll be uploading it. It will happen folks ;)

See you at the next one!!! xXx

Sunday, September 11, 2005

deviant g | on NSB radio last night

woo, that was cool. massive thanks to Jo n John for inviting him down, shouts to Casual for lasting as long as you did. Covered quite a range of breaks and everyone was spot on, even deviant wasn't that bad ;) The show was recorded and a tracklisting might be made, turned into a 5hr 3 way rinseathon in the end so it might take a while. We'll do our best to get it hosted and made avaliable.

Thanks to all who tuned in and showed their support. And deviant apologies for 'Life of Brian' but we bet you were all singing along.

More details when we get sent the cd from John. Butane have invited him back so stay tuned. Finally, massive thanks to search, just for being herself. x.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

deviant g | on NSB radio this saturday, 10th sept 12-2am

yes thats right your main pickled resident is going on the radio. it's his first radio guest slot, but already has plans to get a weekly radio show on his Uni's station.

deviant will be guesting on the Butane show this coming saturday night/sunday morning from 12-2am, although with the deviant inhouse it's sure to go one well beyond that.

you can tune in online by visiting and chat live to both deviant g and the Butane crew @ massive thanks to Jo Stokes and John Grief for being brave enough to let him on their show.